Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11th

November 11th
Calendar Items
Moon calendar due 21st
This week in class we will continue to work on multiplication facts. In this weeks homework folder you will find a Multiplication sheet for students to use and start to memorize multiplication facts.
While practicing and doing our multiplication chapter
 Students are learning many math vocabulary words.
We will a fun activity in Math were students create and add up their own Thanksgiving dinner.

This week our class will be reading the story. “The Talent Show”.  The story this week focuses on Prefixes and Suffixes.
We will have a real talent show later in the spring so this will give the students the opportunity to decide if they want to participate.
Grammar: Students will be practicing abbreviations.
Our teacher read is called “Where the Red Fern Grows”. We will be comparing and contrasting the difference in the book and the movie.
Writing:  We will be writing a persuasive paragraph in our writing journals.
Multiplication : We will continue practicing our facts this week in class.
We will focus on passing off our 5’s times tables.
Science: We will continue with our moon unit.
Grade Printout coming home today. Please sign and return

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