Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mrs.Blackner’s Class News
September 2nd -13th.
Calendar Dates:
September 2nd No School Labor Day!
 No homework coming home this week.
September 2nd September reading Calendar coming home .
Sept 6th Evacuation Drill to the Park.
September 27th Ar Assembly  10:45
Reading: This week our first reading calendar is coming home. Please put this in a safe place. There are two places to track your students reading  minutes. The monthly reading calendar and the homework chart that comes home weekly.  Please turn in the reading calendar on the last Thursday of the month.
Our book in the bags will come home nightly to read to the parents out loud and returned the next day. Students have been getting tested and ready to start reading groups.
Writing: Students have been practicing good handwriting. Students have been practicing writing sentences making sure the start with a capitol letter and end with a period.
Science: Our class will be learning about heat. We will discuss how the sun gives us heat. Our class will be doing a fun cooking activity this week out in the sun.
Math: Our class will continue to work on our facts and continue in our graphing chapter. Students have had fun in the computer lab with learning the math games.

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