Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Mrs. Blackner’s 
Happy New Year!
Mrs. Blackner’s
Newsletter for January 4th 2016

Welcome Back!

Math: We are starting a new chapter on fractions.
Students will be bringing  homework assignment home for math on Mondays.

Reading: Our class will be finishing up our poetry unit and starting a new unit called “The House on Mango Street”
Our reading groups in class will continue.
We will continue to practice fluency throughout the year.

Language/ Vocabulary this week goes along with our Science.

Writing: We will continue to work on our writing and convections and will be practicing typing our writings.

Science: Our class will start to discuss Matter and Chemical reactions.

Homework will continue to come home on Mondays and returned on Thursdays. Please sign your students homework page weekly.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Mrs. Blackner’s
For April 1st- 10th 2015
Calendar Dates:
March 30th. Talent show slips due.
Farm Field Day! March 30th.
March reading calendars due.
April 10th Spring Arts Night and Talent Show!
April 8th Playmakers play

This week our class will be reading the story called Please continue to time students on their reading words per min. Our last dibbles test is coming up. Please remind students to bring their book in the bag back nightly.
Our class is working in Chapter 12 Two Dimensional Shapes.
Science:  Great Job! To those students who participated in the annual Science fair this year. We also had fun making our Art for the Art Fair.
Computers: Students have been practicing on taking Utips tests. This is an important time of year for test practicing.
Cursive: We will begin writing our journals paragraphs in cursive. Students are working hard to complete their cursive books

Monday, October 6, 2014

Mrs. Blackner’s
October 6th – Oct.24th.
The month of October is fun and full of many spooky surprises.

Reading: As a class read we have completed the book All About Sam. Our class will now be reading Georges Marvelous Medicine. The Harcourt series story for this week is called Wild Shots. Our spelling words go with the story as well as grammar and vocabulary.

Math:  Our class is starting Chapter 3 studying Arrays. Please practice with your student learning to memorize their multiplication facts. Our students have also been practicing the concepts on our Math Wall in the classroom.

Writing: We will begin working on a creative story that students will write a rough draft and then work on a final draft. We will share this story with the class at the end of the month at a Halloween activity.

Science: Students did a great job on learning about heat. Next we will start our fun unit on the Moon. Students will be learning the different phases of the moon.
There is a moon calendar coming home. Students will look at the moon nightly and record their findings. The moon calendar will be turned in on October 30th.

Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11th

November 11th
Calendar Items
Moon calendar due 21st
This week in class we will continue to work on multiplication facts. In this weeks homework folder you will find a Multiplication sheet for students to use and start to memorize multiplication facts.
While practicing and doing our multiplication chapter
 Students are learning many math vocabulary words.
We will a fun activity in Math were students create and add up their own Thanksgiving dinner.

This week our class will be reading the story. “The Talent Show”.  The story this week focuses on Prefixes and Suffixes.
We will have a real talent show later in the spring so this will give the students the opportunity to decide if they want to participate.
Grammar: Students will be practicing abbreviations.
Our teacher read is called “Where the Red Fern Grows”. We will be comparing and contrasting the difference in the book and the movie.
Writing:  We will be writing a persuasive paragraph in our writing journals.
Multiplication : We will continue practicing our facts this week in class.
We will focus on passing off our 5’s times tables.
Science: We will continue with our moon unit.
Grade Printout coming home today. Please sign and return

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mrs.Blackner’s Class News
September 2nd -13th.
Calendar Dates:
September 2nd No School Labor Day!
 No homework coming home this week.
September 2nd September reading Calendar coming home .
Sept 6th Evacuation Drill to the Park.
September 27th Ar Assembly  10:45
Reading: This week our first reading calendar is coming home. Please put this in a safe place. There are two places to track your students reading  minutes. The monthly reading calendar and the homework chart that comes home weekly.  Please turn in the reading calendar on the last Thursday of the month.
Our book in the bags will come home nightly to read to the parents out loud and returned the next day. Students have been getting tested and ready to start reading groups.
Writing: Students have been practicing good handwriting. Students have been practicing writing sentences making sure the start with a capitol letter and end with a period.
Science: Our class will be learning about heat. We will discuss how the sun gives us heat. Our class will be doing a fun cooking activity this week out in the sun.
Math: Our class will continue to work on our facts and continue in our graphing chapter. Students have had fun in the computer lab with learning the math games.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mrs. Blackner's Newsletter  For Aug - Sept 6th

Welcome Back!

Reading:  The story this week is called Pepita Talks Twice
Spelling words will go along with the story.

Math: We are starting out with graphing we will be learning Bar graphs, Linegraphs, Pictographs.
Students will create their own in class.

Science:   Our class will be studying Heat we will do a variety of activities to go along with the unit.
We are so pleased to have Mr. Seeley helping with our Arts/ Science this year at East.

Library: We will go to library on Thursdays. Students may check out two books of their choice.

Homework:  This will come home on Mondays and be returned on Thursdays.

Book in the Bag: This will come home every night so students can practice their reading.